web codeIn the framework of the project “Albanian Youth towards Europe” the forum “Albanian Youth and European Union” was organized, as an open hour with the students, different actors in local level that work with youth, European integration issues etc.

The activity was directed by Mrs. Ketrina Çabiri Mijo, Head of Project Development Office at UET. During this forum, was present Mrs. Miriam Angoni, director of EU Info Center. Mrs. Miriam Angoni informed the young participants about the activities of the center, their objectives and all the support that young people can get from them. Mrs. Lutjona Lula Foreign Relations Coordinator at UET project office and partnership office, presented the youth programs of the European Union, Erasmus + and all the application opportunities that young people have. Mrs. Matilda Karcanaj representative of IDMC spoke about the importance of Remembrance and learning from the past, like an important step for moving forward. Mr. Lavdrim Lita from “Voice of Integration” and Mr. Ergy Gezka from EU Policy Hub, also shared their work experience.