Pashko1European Institute Pashko has been present in the Tirana International Fair (Klik Expo Group) in Tirana, that took place from Thursday, 23. November to Sunday, 26. November 2017. The Klik Expo Group gathered together stands of companies from different public , private and educational sectors. During the first day of the Fair the Edufootprint project was presented by the Project Manager. Project activities, results and objectives were presented with the focus on energy management in public school buildings, as a driver for economic and sustainable growth and regional development, with an innovative Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) approach, considering not just direct energy impacts of buildings (consumption),

but also indirect ones (public procurement or general human awareness and behavior). This year the Fair is focused on ecology, environment and energy efficiency.


Minister of Energy, Damian Gjiknuri hailed the activity of this fair by declaring that “the joint economic future is of interest of peoples, countries development and the European integration”. Minister of Transports estimated this fair as a tradition of Albania and an added value for the entrepreneurship.

In the International Fair of Tirana, Italy, China, Serbia, and many other countries were represented by their stalls and respective countries’ representatives. During the fair, Albania presented projects and development opportunities aiming to become part of the EU in a near future.


Edufootprint is promoted to a general public through promotional materials and contacts with the Fair visitors.

Venue: Palace of Congress – Tirana, Albania


Here is the article published on the national MAPO newspaper:


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