01bbUET Centre organised the 1st Press Conference to launch the project InnoPlatform on 19th December at the premises of our partner, European University of Tirana. With the participation of project staff, experts, stakeholders and media representative, the project aim, objectives and activities were presented followed by Q&A session.


The UET Centre as a project partner will work towards the establishment of an Innovation Platform and various Tools for increasing innovation capacity of SMEs in the region of Tirana and in the country overall. This will be done in cooperation with other partners in the project.


Dr Blerjana Bino presented the aim, objectives and main activities of the project. The aim of the project is to improve the competitiveness of the Balkan Mediterranean region by advancing existing knowledge on business model innovations and developing a set of tools (InnoTools) and services (InnoScorecard and InnoRegion) for improving SMEs opportunities, capacities, and knowledge in introducing product and process innovations.

This is a project selected for financing in the 1st call of The Balkan Mediterranean Program and UET Centre participates as an IPA partner.

Dr Besarta Vladi, expert for WP3 on InnoScoreCards, presented her work regarding the development of innovation scorecard for Albania. Dr Ani Mbrica, expert for WP3 business environment, presented the indexes on business environment with a potential for innovation. Prof. Adrian Civici in his study covered the emerging industries in the region of Tirana and how they can benefit from the services and products of InnoPlatform.

The main beneficiaries of the project are SMEs, BSOs, Research centres, Institutes and Universities, and Policy makers from the BM area. Project implementation is transnational as its main goal is to enable transfer of knowledge and experience between the actors of 5 nations, secure economies of scale and critical mass, and enhance mobilisation capacity and innovation potential.



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