pashko18The establishment of the European Institute Pashko (IEP) as part of the European Education Initiative, is an important achievement and the result of a successful completion of the first 10 years of the European University of Tirana (UET). IEP is conceptualized as the research dimension of UET, trying to improve public policies toward a prosperous Albanian economy and polity.

IEP mission is to contribute to building a powerful economy and a democratic society. Following IE mission, it is of paramount importance that the society respects the freedom of individuals and entrepreneurship skills are the paramount values for the prosperity of a man and the nation.


The complexity of our society in the light of globalization challenges and technological changes, is substantially transforming the nature of civilization, requiring as such an innovative approach to link scientific research with the education and promotion of a well-informed, impartial public debate in the best interest of citizens. The European Institute Pashko will contribute through its five programmes to bring together a variety of disciplines toward a liberal approach. UET Centre is one of European Institute Pashko programmes.


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