Helsinki 01UET Center organized in Elbasan city the 2nd TV program, part of the five TV programs titled "Civic Initiatives Against Violent Extremism". 

These TV programs are broadcasted on Best Channel TV and are part of a project that aims to contribute to the fight and prevention of the spread of extremism and violent radicalism through awareness raising at grass roots, specifically in the Elbasan region, by supporting the media as a key factor for enhancing dialogue with civil society and community and youth awareness to contribute to the prevention of violent extremism.


This cycle of TV debates is organized under the project "Civil Society Countering Violent Extremism"

funded by the European Union in Albania and is implemented by the Albanian Helsinki Committee, the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, the Dutch Helsinki Committee, the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia, and Together for Life, Albania.

> The second TV debate addresses the situation of the violent extremism and religious radicalism in Albania, the deep historical and contemporary causes that have facilitated this process as well as the challenges faced by key players in Albania. This debate addresses this phenomenon in Albania from the religious and geopolitical point of view, to better understand the dynamics and ways of dealing with these challenges.

Special attention to this 2nd TV program was given to the Albanian media capacity and the role of journalists in counter extremism.

The 2nd TV debate can be watched at