debate5In the framework of UET Centre’s project “Improving Local Media Capacities to Fight Religious Radicalism and Violent Extremism in Elbasan” the 5th TV program was recorded on 12 March 2018 at TV BEST Channel in Elbasan, as part of the five TV debate programs titled "Media and Civic Society Against Violent Extremism".


These TV programs are broadcasted on Best Channel TV and are part of a project that aims to contribute to the fight and prevention of the spread of extremism and violent radicalism through awareness raising at grass roots, specifically in the Elbasan region, by supporting the media as a key factor for enhancing dialogue with civil society and community and youth awareness to contribute to the prevention of violent extremism.

This project is implemented by UET Centre and ICC (International Co-Operative Center) in the framework of the "Civil Society Countering Violent Extremism" project, funded by the European Union in Albania and implemented by the Albanian Helsinki Committee, the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, the Dutch Helsinki Committee, the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia, and Together for Life, Albania.

The 5th and last debate was attended by security and theology experts and discussion continued on the religious interpretation of extremism and radicalism and manipulation of religious doctrines, clarifying concepts such as the Holy War, Takfirism, etc.

The 5th and last TV debate can be watched at: