forumi5The European Institute PASHKO organized Tirana Forum with the topic: De-regulation of markets. The forum was held on Saturday, 10 March 2018, at 09:30, Hotel Tirana International, Balsha Hall, Skenderbej Square Nr. 8, Tirana.

Tirana Forum for Economic Freedom is in the tradition of periodical forums, organized in different parts of the world. In the Tirana Forum were discussed issues, debates, topics of economic freedom in Albania, in the region or in the world that have an impact on the development of the Albanian country.


This Forum gathered in Tirana a number of lecturers and discussion participants who are public, political and economic actors on elements or indicators of economic freedom in Albania. They discussed more about Albania's de-regulatory reforms in Rama's government.

Part of the panel were: Adrian Civici, President of the European University of Tirana; Lulzim Basha, Chairman of the Democratic Party of Albania; Walter Gloss, Director of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation; Selami Xhepa, President of the European Institute PASHKO; Arben Shkodra, Tirana Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Mark Crawford, President of the American Chamber of Commerce; Ilir Ciko, Canadian Institute of Technology; Gjergj Buxhuku, Konfindustria.