helsinkiDuring March, five trainings were held to contribute to the fight and prevention of the spread of extremism and violent radicalism through awareness raising at grass roots, specifically in the Elbasan region, by supporting the media as a key factor for enhancing dialogue with civil society and community and youth awareness to contribute to the prevention of violent extremism.

This series of trainings was realized by theologian Dr. Ermir Gjinishi, Dr. Arben Ramkaj and Prof. Assoc. Dr. Enri Hide. In the end of the trainings they distributed certificates of attendance to local journalists and other media actors in the wider Elbasan region.

This project is implemented by UET Centre and ICC (International Co-Operative Center) in the framework of the "Civil Society Countering Violent Extremism" project, funded by the European Union in Albania and implemented by the Albanian Helsinki Committee, the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, the Dutch Helsinki Committee, the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia, and Together for Life, Albania.