eco tiranaAnalysis and evaluation of the activity provided by "Eco Tirana" public - public partnership for realization of the the process of Tirana’s cleaning service


This analysis is the result of the project “KAP’ECO”. The purpose of this analysis is to show citizens the reflection and the process of Tirana’s cleaning service from “Eco Tirana” supported from Lëviz Albania, and financed from The Swiss Agency for Development and Collaboration (SDC). Eco Tirana is a public - public partnership, Italian-Albanian, that accomplishes the capital city cleaning and measures the efficiency and effects of this service.

The analysi is prepared by Prof. Assoc. Dr Selami Xhepa and the group Dr. Teuta Xhindi, Dr. Elvin Gjevori


Full analysis report can be accessed here




Foto PublicationsPOLICY REPORT - Participatory Budgeting and Social Audit in Local Government: New Mechanisms Strengthening Transparence and Good Governance

This policy report is the result of the project “Improving budget transparency at local level through social auditing” supported by Democracy Commission Small Grants Program of the U.S. Embassy in Tirana and implemented by the FLE in collaboration with UET Centre for the period October 2016 - May 2017. The report is prepared by Prof. Asoc. Dr. Enri Hide.


Full policy report can be accessed here




0001POLICY REPORT - NET-CASTLE Network Creation and Promotion of Castles
UET Centre in cooperation with the Institution of Prefect in Gjirokastra, in the framework of the Operational Program for Cross-Border Cooperation IPS between Greece and Albania, during 2007 – 2013, the implementation of “NET-CASTLE”, achieved their main goal: the development of the cultural tourism. As a result of this project, we have now the digitization of ten castles in Ionian Islands and the Epirus Region (five in the Corfu Island and five in Thesprotia), as well as twelve castles in the Prefecture of Gjirokastra.


POLICY PAPER - Engagement of Roma communities with Local Government in Albania: Ways to move forward. 



This policy paper is the result of the project “Working together and Joint Forces for Roma youth social inclusion through tailored policies and good practices on minority rights” supported by “Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Rule of Law Program South East Europe” and implemented by the UET Centre for the period February-November 2016. The paper is prepared by Blerjana Bino and Kebjana Haka. 


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Conference Proceedings ‘Next Europe Network – Reformation and Democratization of the Western Balkan’

next europe


The European University of Tirana in cooperation with the Sapienza University of Rome organised the International Conference

‘Next Europe - Interdisciplinary perspectives on the Western Balkans’ with emphasis on the reformation and democratization of the region

and the establishment of the Next Europe Network. The Conference was organised at the European University of Tirana on the 25th and 26th June 2015.


“Proceedings” are now published with ISBN 978-9928-190-39-3 by UET Press. (Click Here)




Roma youth empowerment through alternative media – Papers published

fuqizimi i te rinjve


UET Centre, the Institute of Romani Culture in Albania and the ABC Foundation have organized a series of trainings for the empowerment of Roma youth through alternative media. The papers of the final conference are now published by the UET Press.


“Proceedings” are now published with ISBN 978-9928-190-40-6. (Click Here)







Knowledge-Based Regional Development in Albania and Kosovo



The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies, supported by the Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI) in Austria within the HigherKos Project has mentored the research project on  knowledge-based regional development conducted by a team of researchers of UET Centre and Riinvest Institute in Kosovo. Within the framework of this project and of the Tempus Consus project and the UET Centre project, the international scientific conference on "Connecting science and society for sustainable development" was organised in July 2015.


Conference Proceedings ISBN 978-9928-190-41-3 published by UET Press. (Click Here)





eco9The Journal Economicus 9 has been published as the final output of the project ‘New Ideas for New Entrepreneurship’


The European University of Tirana and the UET Centre have successfully completed the project ‘New Ideas for New Entrepreneurship’, endorsed by the ABC Foundation. The project aimed at bringing together academics, researchers, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders in joint events such as roundtable, with the intention to generate and elaborate new ideas for new entrepreneurship based on demands and needs of the private sector and informed by innovative research. Two roundtables and a final conference have been organised in the framework of the project. The final conference in November 2012 brought together representatives of the government, business, academia, civil society and international donors who discussed the ways in which new ideas could be developed for new entrepreneurship based on needs of the private sector and informed by innovative research in the academia. In this sense, the participants agreed that the partnership between business, academia and policy-making is essential to smart economic growth and sustainable development. The issue though remains on how to develop mechanisms to further enhance and institutionalise the partnership between these spheres.


These ideas and challenges as well as suggestions for future research and initiatives have been published in the scientific journal Economicus, No. 9 (ISSN: 2223-6295).

Economicus 9 – Dossier – New Ideas for New Entrepreneurship  (Click Here)


Development of the English Language in the higher education in Albania


This publication comes in the framework of the cooperation between UET Centre, European University of Tirana and British Council. The publication presents the findings of a research project on the role of English language in professional development. This research project is concerned with the use of English as the major foreign language in the Albanian education system with a particular focus on the teaching and learning experiences of staff and students in the higher education context.


Full research report (Click Here)



‘Ambasadorët tanë: Pikëtakime të diplomacisë me krijimtarinë’


UET Centre and the UET Press, university publishing house within the European University of Tirana, with the support of the Ministry of Culture, have published the anthology ‘Our ambassadors: Connections between diplomacy and artistic creativity’, by Valbona Nathanaili and with the introduction by Prof. Dr. Ylljet Aliçka. The book serves as guidance to the lives and artistic activities and creativity of Albanian ambassadors. The aim is to promote a new model of diplomacy that is interlinked with artistic creativity.














Book publication “Shaping Collective Memory: Uprisings of Malësia e Madhe (1945-1946)”

The well-known scholar Fabian Kati, in collaboration with UET Centre, has published the book “Shaping Collective Memory: Uprisings of Malësia e Madhe (1945-1946)”. This book was financed by the European University of Tirana and was published by UET Press publishing house. The aim of this pilot project is to create an audio-visual database of oral histories and collective memory related to special historical events, which happened in the beginning of the communist regime’s establishment (1945-1950). All this will be done based on a certain methodology.
















Book publication “Southern Epirus- the Cham Region”

The publication of “Southern Epirus- the Cham Region” comes in the light of the project on in-depth research on the Cham region, implemented by UET Centre and financed by the Agency of Civil Society Support. The book is a collection of several in-depth scientific studies related to the Cham issues, as a crucial issue for human rights and political discourse in Albania. The publication of this book is an attempt to get to know the history of separation of our two nations from the ottoman occupation towards state building process. This separation has been indeed very struggling. The main contributor and project director is Prof. Dr. Romeo Gurakuqi.