inno01On December 12th and 13th 2017, the First Meeting of the InnoPlatform Project took place in the Computer Technology Institute and Press "Diophantus" (CTI) Premises in Patras, Greece. INNOPLATFORM aims at improving the competitiveness of the Balkan Mediterranean region by advancing existing knowledge on business model innovations and developing a set of tools (InnoTools) and services (InnoScorecard and InnoRegion) for improving SMEs opportunities, capacities, and knowledge in introducing product and process innovations.

01bbUET Centre organised the 1st Press Conference to launch the project InnoPlatform on 19th December at the premises of our partner, European University of Tirana. With the participation of project staff, experts, stakeholders and media representative, the project aim, objectives and activities were presented followed by Q&A session.

klubi debatitThe Foundation for Economic Freedom in cooperation with "Students for Liberty" organizes debate clubs with students. These activities aim to empower students to be able to debate in public, to be objective in their arguments and to identify those young people who want to contribute to society. Debate clubs, an initiative supported and organized by The Foundation for Economic Freedom are the round tables where students from the European University of Tirana and the University of Tirana gather once or twice a week to learn not only how to argue in a debate but also how to be objective and convincing in the arguments of them. Through these activities, young people who are passionate about politics or civil engagement have finally found a way to prepare themselves for this challenge. Tables are built on the British Parliament model, modeled on such organizations at international level.

kampjonati debatitThe Public Debate Championship on High Education Reform was organized by the Foundation for Economic Freedom. This championship has been divided into several phases, where students from Public and Private Universities have argued among themselves defending among their arguments their views on issues of the Higher Education Reform.

The Foundation for Economic Freedom aims to turn this activity into an annual tradition by expanding into all public and private universities in the country to encourage students in public debate in order to prepare to lobby their interests.

Pashko1European Institute Pashko has been present in the Tirana International Fair (Klik Expo Group) in Tirana, that took place from Thursday, 23. November to Sunday, 26. November 2017. The Klik Expo Group gathered together stands of companies from different public , private and educational sectors. During the first day of the Fair the Edufootprint project was presented by the Project Manager. Project activities, results and objectives were presented with the focus on energy management in public school buildings, as a driver for economic and sustainable growth and regional development, with an innovative Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) approach, considering not just direct energy impacts of buildings (consumption),