web1“Eco Tirana” is a public-private partnership, it is focused on the cleaning of Tirana city.
KAP’ECO project evaluated the performance and the satisfaction of the citizens for this service during the first 6 months of this company's activity. In order to make this evaluation, the project conducted 4500 questionnaires with citizens and more than 350 interviews with businesses, within the area where “Eco Tirana” operates.The results from this survey are as below: Over 50% of the businesses think that this service has a direct impact in their work and that this service is very important. Around 75% of the citizens appreciate the positive impact that this service has had in their lives but more than 60% of the citizens still do not practice the waste separation at source.

web codeIn the framework of the project “Albanian Youth towards Europe” the forum “Albanian Youth and European Union” was organized, as an open hour with the students, different actors in local level that work with youth, European integration issues etc.

foto home pageDr Blerjana Bino, expert of the working group of the Joint Science Conference of the  Western Balkan Process / Berlin Process explains the results of the Trieste Summit regarding science and the establishment of the – Western Balkans Research Foundation, as a self-governing international organisation, which awards ad personam grants to junior scientists to build up excellent research labs and teams in the Balkans, and which supports mobility and interlinking with European counterparts.



UET Centre pays special attention to the environment! We have signed an agreement with Green Recycling l.t.d., an Albanian company sensitive to environmental and social issues.
It supports businesses/NGOs and offices in becoming greener. The agreement was signed during the beginning of 2017 and the first batch of recyclable A4 papers has been delivered. Each year every office possess a large amount of wasted A4 papers. The impact that this action cause to the environment is measurable and such small actions can contribute to sustainable development.

CoDe“European Unions: The opportunity of college students and the youth program” was the topic of the informative session held from Ketrina Cabiri Mijo Head of Project Development Office at UET Centre that were organized at “Asim Vokshi” high school and “Partizani” high school.

The higher interest and the questionos showed from the college students reflected the purpose of the session to raise the information about the youth opportunitties we achieved.
These sessions were organised in the framework of the project “Albanian Youth in action towards Europe” .