“Kanxura” Radio- UET Centre supports Roma youth to establish their own media

UET Center organized the conference, "Empowerment of Roma youth through capacity development and education for alternative media”, as the final activity of a one-year project in collaboration with the Institute of Roma Culture in Albania supported by ABC Foundation. The conference presented the main achievements of the project for Roma youth empowerment through alternative media, as well as: an assessment of the situation about competencies and media spaces for Roma community; establishment of a network of collaborators to develop initiatives that contribute to youth empowerment through education and leadership; training of Roma and non-Roma youth about mass communication, alternative media, media management projects, advocacy and activism through alternative media.

InternationalEuropean University of Tirana, UET Centre,  Bulgarian Academy of Science and Ivanovo Center for Gender Studies will organize 5th International Summer School  "Overcoming trauma of War in Post-conflict Societies through Gender Lenses", 11-24 July 2016, Durres, Albania. Call for applications are now open.

kopertinaUET Centre and UET: A research project on the formation of collective memory

UET Centre and UET have awarded Fabian Kati a research grant to conduct research on the formation of collective memory in Albania based on social anthropology and oral history methods. The aim of this pilot project is to create a methodologically organized audio visual database on oral accounts/ testimonies related to the historical events leading up to and following the Malsi e Madhe uprising.

UET Centre in cooperation with MAPO Foundation and the Department of Communication and Public Relations at the European University of Tirana have initiated a new project focused on media. The aim of the project is to support the quality print media with a particular focus on dedicated and analytical media. The UET Centre will support 11 journalists of the MAPO Foundation (MAPO daily newspaper, MADAME MAPO and MAPO magazine) to publish dedicated and analytical articles in various fields.

engjell pereEuropean University of Tirana, UET Centre and The Vienna Institute for International Economics Studies (wiiw) launched a new research project on the “International trade in Western Balkan Countries –an analysis based on gravity model approach”. The project was awarded in the framework of the agreement between the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Albania and the Government of the Republic of Austria on Scientific and Technological Co-operation. The Agency for Research, Technology and Innovation (ARTI), is the Albanian legal institution which will builds bridges between partners in cooperation and the Albanian Government.