Five Balkan countries, will work on a platform aimed at boosting the competitiveness and innovation of business entities. InnoTools will enable companies to implement their new business ideas.

Representatives of six organizations from Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Albania and FYR of Macedonia promoted the so-called "InnoPlatform", a two-year project supported by the Interreg BalkanMed Program of the European Union, designed as a way to support the opportunities, capacities and knowledge of small and medium-sized enterprises in the region.

anti corupsioniThe European Institute Pashko in cooperation with the Institute for Democracy and Mediation organized a roundtable on anti-corruption mechanisms in the public administration in Albania, where they presented two Policy Papers focusing on Public Procurement and Internal Audit. These policy documents were presented also in the European Commission and the European Parliament in Brussels.

The event was organized under the TRAIN 2017 program (Think Tank Providing Research and Advocacy Interaction and Networking) supported by the German Pact for South East Europe and the German Foreign Relations Council (GDAP). The TRAIN program unites every year researchers and Think Tanks from Western Balkan countries under a predetermined research topic. For 2017, policy documents for the Balkan countries were produced in the framework of the fight against corruption.


The round table was attended by students from the European University of Tirana, representatives from the German Embassy in Tirana and the Delegation of the European Union to Albania and relevant field experts. The activity was moderated by the President of the European Institute Pashko, Prof. Assoc. Selami Xhepa.

Policy Papers proposed recommendations for improving public procurement decision making and internal auditing in public administration institutions, by highlighting the role of mechanisms for systematic capture and punishment of corrupt practices, the system and the institutional balance between institutions and the reduction of pressure of political control over public decision-making. In-depth discussions were held between participants and experts in the field, producing further reflections.


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broshura kapeDo you know that Tirana Municipality has create the public-private partnership “Eco Tirana” focused on the cleaning of Tirana city?
The purpose of this company is to increase the quality of the cleaning service through differentiated collection of waste according to the best international standards.
How well does this company realize its purpose?

For more, please read: Brochure Online


A tool that allows calculating the environmental footprint of schools

European Institute Pashko, partner of EduFootprint project, in collaboration with all project partners has developed a tool that allows calculating automatically the Environmental footprint of schools: EduFootprint Calculator.
The Calculator measures resource consumption and activities carried out in the school and converts this in the environmental impact due to the supply of resources and assimilation of waste generated.

secondKAP’ECO just finished the second phase of the survey about the performance and the satisfaction of the citiziens from the activity of “Eco Tirana” company. The project conducted more than 4200 questionnaires with citizens in the area where this company develop its activity.
The results from this survey will published soon.

Stay tuned for updates!

The KAP’ECO project is implemented from UET centre, supported from Lëviz Albania, and financed from The Swiss Agency for Development and Collaboration (SDC).