European Institute Pashko, partner of EduFootprint project, took place in the 3rd project meeting in Ljubljana (Slovenia) on 17-18 October 2017. During the meeting 

the partners discussed about the first reporting period; the training activities; the EduFootprint calculator; the school environmental footprint guidelines; the
guidelines for energy efficiency monitor and management in public buildings; the energy action plan to reduce environmental footprint in the schools.
On the second day of the meeting the partners dealt with communication issues, with a special focus on the project website, and then discussed about the technical
and management aspects of the project. The meeting ended with a hint to the participation in the Horizontal project MEDNICE and it next activities.

CFA inovativeWith the aim to enhance research capacities in social sciences in Albania through greater rigour in research and particularly innovative methodologies, COORP will organise a tailored-made and targeted workshop for young researchers and mid-career.

web1“Eco Tirana” is a public-private partnership, it is focused on the cleaning of Tirana city.
KAP’ECO project evaluated the performance and the satisfaction of the citizens for this service during the first 6 months of this company's activity. In order to make this evaluation, the project conducted 4500 questionnaires with citizens and more than 350 interviews with businesses, within the area where “Eco Tirana” operates.The results from this survey are as below: Over 50% of the businesses think that this service has a direct impact in their work and that this service is very important. Around 75% of the citizens appreciate the positive impact that this service has had in their lives but more than 60% of the citizens still do not practice the waste separation at source.

web codeIn the framework of the project “Albanian Youth towards Europe” the forum “Albanian Youth and European Union” was organized, as an open hour with the students, different actors in local level that work with youth, European integration issues etc.