gfk1GFK – Training in Market Research for UET young researchers

GFK, one of the world’s leading market research companies, and GFK Verein, have organised an intensive course on Market Research for the young researchers at the European University of Tirana in July 2013 led by Phyllis Macfarlane, Global Training Director – Consumer Experiences and Chairman of GfK NOP in the United Kingdom.

cameriaThe Agency for the Support of Civil Society (AMSHC), in cooperation with the UET Centre and the UET Press published a book on Çamëria, bringing together a summary of in-depth studies on this topic and making it available to the scientific community and the public at large. The book, edited by Prof. Dr. Romeo Gurakuqi and Ketrina Çabiri, represents a summary of various in-depth studies and research concerning the Çamëria cause, as a fundamental human rights cause and an important part of the political discourse in Albania.


The UET Centre, the British Council, the British Embassy in Tirana and the European University of Tirana organised the visit of the British Ambassador in Albania in UET on the 10th December 2012. The main purpose of the event was the presentation of the UET Centre research project on the ‘Development of the English Language in the higher education in Albania as an instrument for academic and professional achievement’.


IdeThis roundtable was organized in the framework of the project “New Ideas for New Entrepreneurship” of the UET Centre, the European University of Tirana, endorsed by the ABC Foundation and in partnership with the Institute for Management Consultancy Services. The project brought together academics, researchers, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders in joint events such as this roundtable, with the intention to generate and elaborate new ideas for new entrepreneurship based on demands and needs of the private sector and informed by innovative research.

r1Roundtable - ‘Policy and research on Social Inclusion in Albania’

The UET Centre for Development and Research in partnership with UNICEF Albania and the European University of Tirana organized the Roundtable: Policy and Research on Social Inclusion in Albania’, which took place on the 4th of February 2013, at the premises of the European University of Tirana. The roundtable brought together key stakeholders from the public and private sector, academia, civil society and international community in order to present, share and discuss experiences, practices and challenges around social inclusion in Albania.