r1Roundtable - ‘Policy and research on Social Inclusion in Albania’

The UET Centre for Development and Research in partnership with UNICEF Albania and the European University of Tirana organized the Roundtable: Policy and Research on Social Inclusion in Albania’, which took place on the 4th of February 2013, at the premises of the European University of Tirana. The roundtable brought together key stakeholders from the public and private sector, academia, civil society and international community in order to present, share and discuss experiences, practices and challenges around social inclusion in Albania.

kopertinaUET Center finalizes the pilot project: UET Press published “Shaping the collective memory”, a book from Fabian Kati

European University of Tirana launched the book of the researcher, Fabian Kati, “Shaping the collective memory: Events in Dukagjin, Malësi e Madhe and Postribë, 1945-1946”. The introduction of the book was written by Fatos Lubonja. This book presents the findings of a research project funded by UET and implemented by UET Centre. The research applied the method of visual anthropology and oral accounts/ testimonies related to the historical events of the uprisings against the communist regime in 1945-1946.

MireqeverisjaOSCE Presence in Albania and the role on Good Governance

The OSCE Presence in Albania in cooperation with European University of Tirana and UET Center organized on 13th May, the open lecture on topic “Good Governance”, in the framework of the organization of a set of open lecturers about the role and challenges of the OSCE in Albania.

campus1OSCE to campus: Open lectures

The OSCE Presence in Albania, the European University of Tirana and UET Centre are cooperating in the organisation of a set of open lecturers about the work and mandate of the OSCE Presence in Albania. The open lectures offer an open platform to students, academics and other interested actors to discuss the role and work and future challenges of the OSCE as an international organisation with a particular focus in Albania.

winter‘I am a leader’ Winter University

The European University of Tirana in cooperation with the UET Centre and with the financial support of AMC, organized the ‘I am a leader’ Winter University, which brought together 43 outstanding high school students across the country. The participants were selected via a very competitive process and they represented young people with leadership potential and with experience in contributing for their local communities such as high schools, town and villages.