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“Kanxura” Radio


The conference was held on 27th May at European University of Tirana. The participants were all the Roma and non-Roma youth, who were part of the previously conducted trainings within this project as well as other interested actors. The key speakers of the Conference were: Blerjana Bino,the Executive Director of UET Centre; Sabina Juka, Project Manager, ABC Foundation; Xhesika Korra, Project Manager, IRCA; Mito Kudaka, Peace Corpus; Bledar Taho, the Executive Director of IRCA and Xhekson Çela, Founder of Kanxura Radio.


Initially Ms. Bino made a brief presentation on the progress of the project by emphasizing the main points of each previous phase. Above all Ms. Bino mentioned:  “One of the main pillars of UET Centre programme is related to social inclusion issues and human rights and in this context it has developed several initiatives focusing on the Roma community.  One of the most successful initiatives is this training and supportive programme for Roma youth to build their own community radio. I regard this as an alternative medium of communication to counter the dominant mainstream media, which offers limited communication space for this community.” The key speakers highlighted the challenges faced by the Roma community regarding participation in and through the media including issues such as access, representation, stereotypes and discriminations as well as lack of critical analysis. Through training for Roma and non-Roma youth, UET Center and IRCA, supported by ABC Foundation, managed to develop the capacity of youth involved to use alternative media in order to raise awareness of citizens, policy-makers and stakeholders as well as other actors about Roma current situation and future perspectives for social inclusion.


The conference was concluded with the presentation of the online radio established by Roma youth at IRCA, “Kanxura” Radio. The establishment of this radio marks the final product of the trainings the Roma and non-Roma youth have received. It represents an alternative communication and participatory space towards social inclusion. “Kanxura”  Radio, will enable the strengthening of the Roma community identity and building an open and inclusive society.


Proceedings of the Conference published by UET Press (click here)
Document: Assessment of Roma needs for communication spaces in Albanian (click here)
“Kanxura” Radio and the project presented as best practices at the UNAOC Summer School: Youth for Social Change (click here)

MAPO article on the Conference





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