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Roundtable - ‘Policy and research on Social Inclusion in Albania’

The purpose of the roundtable was to discuss the dynamics and interplay between policy and research on social inclusion in Albania, with a particular focus on the role that university as centre of education, knowledge-production and research could play. Dr. Nevila Xhindi, Executive Director, UET Centre, introduced the purpose of the roundtable, the key speakers and presented some of the key areas of activity of UET Centre in regards to social inclusion. Prof. Dr. Adrian Civici, President, European University of Tirana, discussed the role of the university in fighting poverty and social exclusion and presented some of the contribution of UET in this direction such as scholarships for marginalised groups, trainings for youth, research and partnership with other institutions.

Prof. Dr. Tomi Treska, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Education, UET, presented four main dimensions of the role of UET and its research centres in regards to social inclusion: (i) academic curricula; (ii) research projects; (iii) internal policy promoting equal opportunities; (iv) services to third parties such as pre-university system. Mr. Detlef Palm, Representative of UNICEF in Albania, suggested four main areas of research whereby university could play a crucial role: (i) identification of marginalised groups and groups at risk; (ii) analysing the barriers to participation and inclusion; (iii) investigating issues of child poverty; (iv) study on social assistance system in Albania.

Mr. Kastriot Sulka, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, discussed the national strategies on social inclusion, development and integration and recognised the need to include research findings in policy making processes. This was supported by the discussions of Ms. Ilda Bozo, Director of Monitoring Cross-cutting Sectorial Strategy on Social Inclusion at the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, as well as Ms. Irma Baraku, the Commissioner for the Protection Against Discrimination.

Successful case studies were presented:

  • Albanian Children Alliance –Elma Tërshana, PhD (c), Children Rights Observatory
  • Human Rights and Higher Education – Dr. Odeta Barbullushi, Deputy Rector/UET
  • Research on children in street situation – Marsel Cara, PhD (c), RRPP/UET

We will publish soon the full report on the results of the roundtable.

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