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“Shaping the collective memory”, a book from Fabian Kati

The Minister of Social Welfare and Youth, Erion Velia, was present in the ceremony and congratulated Mr. Kati and UET Centre for this initiative.

Prof. Dr. Tonin Gjuraj, UET Rector, emphasized the innovative aspects of this research project: “This book is considered the first study of its kind in Albania, which will contribute to the building of an original methodological and conceptual framework. It will serve as a model for further studies related to the collective memory / individual regarding special historical events during the Albanian communism period (1944-1991)”.

Fabian Kati, talked about his experience in conducting this research project in North Albania: “This book is not the end of a research, but the beginning of it.

I would like to give the message of continuity. This research project and this publication mark only the first steps towards a more comprehensive and in depth project on collective memories of communism, which of course requires cooperation amongst different actors. We must reflect on our past with maturity and not skip it”. Also, he confirmed that the testimonies are mainly from an age group of 80-90 years old, therefore the interviewing process was not easy.

The aim of this pilot project is to create a methodologically organized audio visual database on oral accounts/ testimonies related to the historical events leading up to and following the Malsi e Madhe uprising. The period covered is the one between 1944 and 1950 at the beginning of the communist rule. This pilot project, which is the first of its kind to be conducted in Albanian studies, will help create an original framework which can be followed as a model for further studies dealing with individual/collective memory throughout the half century of communist rule in Albania (1944-1991).The specific historical events that will focus interviews for this pilot project are the uprisings of  Malsi e Madhe (Shkrel/Kelmend, in January-February 1945, and Postriba in September 1946).

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