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OSCE to campus: Open lectures

The first three open lecturers have proven a success with a wide participation and high interest shown by students, who appreciate the opportunity to link theoretical knowledge with practical information on international organisations and political processes


Lectures are focused on these topics:

1-“The OSCE – a very particular international organization”, this lecture was held by Robert Wilton, Deputy Head of Mission;

2-“The OSCE in Albania” by Ambassador Florian Raunig, Head of Mission. During his presentation, Ambassador Raunig, argued that OSCE will continue to provide technical assistance in some areas in Albania based on the requests and needs of the Albanian government and society and it will complete its mission as long as Albania will need assistance to build the democratic state, and conduct free and fair elections.

3-“Democratic Institutions, Civil Society and Media Development”, by representatives of the Democratisation Department. This open lecture was held by Claudia Vollmer as Head of the Department of Democratization, Florian Hobdari from Office of Electoral Reform,Astrit Brasha from Office of Civil Society and Gender Equality, Miranda Ostrosi from Office of Parliament Support and Vojislav Raonic from Office of Media Development.

Three other lectures to be held in the coming weeks are:

4-“Human Rights and Rule of Law”, by representatives of the Rule of Law and Human Rights Department;

5-“National, Regional and European Security Cooperation”, by representatives of the Security Cooperation Department;

6-“Good Governance”, by representatives of the Governance Department.


The media coverage:

MAPO Newspaper



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Improve the theoretical and practical knowledge of master’s students on territory administration, agricultural policies, rural development and innovation as well as their negotiation and participative decision-making skills.



Develop a long term blended research network of EU and Albania researchers on these thematic.




UET Centre intends to contribute towards the progress and democratization of the Albanian society through policy-oriented research projects, capacity building and joint programmes.

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