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UET Centre is a civil society organization established in 2009 as an initiative of a group of researchers and lecturers at the European University of Tirana (UET). UET Centre intends to contribute towards the progress and democratization of the Albanian society through policy-oriented research projects, capacity building and joint programmes in these main areas: Good Governance and EU Integration; Economy and Sustainable Development; Human Rights and Social Inclusion; Information Technology, Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


- To continue to play a crucial role in the Albanian polity by enhancing the link between research and development;
- To develop and sustain policy-oriented research and other related activities that can provide policy analysis; expertise and qualified advice to the government, interested groups and other stakeholders;
- To expand its activity into acting as a facilitator in the communication processes between the government, policy-makers and other public stakeholders on the one hand and the citizens, interested groups, private stakeholders and communities at large on the other hand, in order to promote pro-active dialogue and contribute to national capacity-building;
- To initiate and sustain debate in the public sphere related to existing and emerging public policy issues in order to inform and influence policy-thinking and policy-making processes and to generate better policy ideas and alternatives;
- To inform and assist community groups and empower citizens and marginalized groups to take an active role in policy development.

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