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UET Centre in collaboration with RCE Middle Albania is part of the project #EDUFOOTPRINT-"School Low Carbon Footprint in Mediterranean Cities". This project intends to raise capacity of owner and managers of public buildings for better management of energy; it will be done considering not just direct energy impacts of buildings (consumption), but also indirect ones (public procurement or general awareness and behavior). Activities will be concentrated in the test and transferability of an integrated energy strategy with a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) approach in schools, consisting in the elaboration and implementation of energy efficient practices integrated with local Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPS).

SchoolMED project will allow to cut energy cost for public buildings in MED area. The use of an approach that considers the school in its complete life cycle, assures a multiplying effect of actions, so a sustainable low-carbon citizen lifestyles and educational and cultural growth and promotion of eco-innovation solutions for various stakeholders (students, their families, teachers, public institutions, energy services providers).

Duration of the project: 28 months (2016 – 2019)
Total Budget 1.200.684,75

Project Co-financed by the European Union, Interreg MED Programme: 934.840,00 euro

Co-financed by IPA Funds: 85.742,05 euro

Province of Treviso (Italy) – Coordinator
Regional Energy and Environment Agency from North Alentejo (Portugal)
Institute for Innovation and Development of University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Centre Euro Mediterranean for the sustainable development (Italy)
European Institute Pashko (Albania)
EGTC Efxini Poli – SolidarCity NETWORK (Greece)
Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros Industriales de Andalucía Occidental (Spain)
Ambiente Italia srl (Italy)
Istituto "Stefanini" – Rete ISIDE (Italia)

Project Coordinator
Kebjana Haka
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

EduFootprint project website:


Youth entrepreneurship as a model for economic and social engagement

European Institute PASHKO is implementing the project “Youth entrepreneurship as a model for economic and social engagement”, under the Call for Proposals “Youth engagement in social and economic activities”. This project is funded under the World Vision.

The project aims to promote the youth engagement and changies that youth can bring to society by engaging in economic-social activities and as objective to support ideas and projects of Start Up local social business that enable youth of high school “Elez Isufi Ndreu” to self-employment opportunities.

The main activities will be: Info Session and Brainstorming about entrepreneurship and business issues; Summer School "UN Leader"; Business Competition etc.


Fundraising and Project Development Capacity Building Program for Municipalities

The scope of the Fundraising and Project Development Capacity Building Program for Municipalities is to strengthen Albanian municipalities’ collaboration with foreign and international donors and enhance local capacity in identifying and acquiring funds for the development of projects that benefit local communities. The specific objectives of this Program are: to assess municipal capacity on fundraising and project development; To address municipal capacity building needs and strengthen their capacities regarding fundraising and project development through adequate and professional training; To assist municipalities in identifying and applying for funds and in developing  substantive and meaningful project-proposals; to assist municipalities in strengthening collaboration with foreign and international donors, as well as the business community.
Taking into account the capacity building needs of municipalities, the UET’s experts are involved in both theoretical training in fundraising and project development, as well as hands-on work in developing and applying for specific projects.

The Program consists in the local capacity assessmentcapacity building: Training (Theoretical Part); capacity Building: (Hands on0 and publishing of a Handbook/Guidelines with the training topics; proposal examples; lessons learned and practical tips for the future.

This project is is being implemented in collobaration with Europian University of Tirana and financed by Konrad Adenauer Stifung, Albania.

Improving Local Media Capacities to Fight Religious Radicalism and Violent Extremism in Elbasan

UET Centre is implementing the project “Improving Local Media Capacities to fight Religious Radicalism and Violent Extremism in Elbasan” on the framework of the project “CIVIL SOCIETY COUNTERING VIOLENT EXTREMISM” funded by the European Union and implemented by Albanian Helsinki Committee, Netherlands Helsinki Committee, The Norwegian Helsinki Committee, Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia and the Together for Life (TFL).

Overall objective: To contribute to countering and preventing the spread of violent extremism and radicalization in the remote areas of Albania through raising awareness at the local level, concretely in Elbasan region by supporting media as a key factor to increase dialogue with civil society; local authorities, involving community and youth on contributing to the prevention of violent extremism.

The project foresees meetings with local stakeholders including local government and religious institutions; TV debates and articles in newspapers to raise awareness for the subject; as well as training of journalists and other local media actors.

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