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baneri projektitTHE “FEMININE SIDE” OF QUALITY                                                  

The overall objective of this project is to promote cross border cooperation on enhancement of employability through the empowerment of women as wage earners and job creators thanks to the support for valorization, promotion and preservation of local cultural potentials and identity with a focus on gender equality. This will be reached by using the agriculture potential in the municipalities and this implies usage of existing potentials for agricultural production and the tradition of organic production combined with contemporary methods and standards. The rationale of the foreseen activities is based on the presence in the area of reachable and favorable natural resources and climate as well as common cultural and historical potential residing in both parts of the programming area.

The project is funded by the IPA CBC Montenegro - Albania IPA Programme 2014-2020 and it is going to be implemented during 2018-2019 in the targeted area (Ulcinj, Montenegro and Lezha, Albania). This project is leading by the Municipality of Ulcinj and the project partners are: UET Centre, Monitoring Group Ulcinj MogUL and the Municipality of Mirditë in Albania.

Kebjana Haka
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


NETCASTLE Project - Progress and Assessment REPORT

This report is developed based on a collaborative process, bringing together evidence of UET Centre’s contribution to impact the tourism sectors, part of the national strategy. The report also highlights the impact that Netcastle project has in boosting cross-border cooperation and cross-border exchanges, virtual/tourism in the region and cultural tourism enhancement. This Report is supported by the European Union.

Full Netcastle Progress and Assessment Report in English

Full Netcastle Progress and Assessment Report in Albanian

Full Netcastle Progress and Assessment Report in Greek



Foundation for Economic Freedom (FLE) in collaboration with UET Centre will organize and deliver the workshops foreseen during the implementation of the project.
The project’s overall goal is to promote transparency and compliance of local budgeting in the reformed municipalities after the June 21, 2015 local elections. The main objective of the project is to focus particularly on one key element; to increase transparency in the budgeting process at the local level through social auditing. Increasing the reliability and accountability of local government in cooperation with local civil society, to provide a clear analysis of the situation and performance of local institutions. This approach will encourage more open financial processes at the local level as well as more active citizenship. Specifically the project activities will focus on creating a hub in four municipalities (Malësi e Madhe, Belsh, Shijak and Roskovec) where citizens can monitor the promised and actual services and investments delivered at the local level.

This project is financed by U.S. Embassy Tirana.

Project Coordinator
Kebjana Haka
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Rini shqiptare“Albanian Youth in action towards Europe”

The overall project’s goal is to inform and encourage the opinion of young people about EU integration process, conditions, duties, benefits, costs, youth programs and how them can be empowered to benefit from them.
The activities will be concentrated in two phases. The first one is related with the organization of two informative sessions in “Asim Vokshi” high school, “Partizani” high school, the students of European University of Tirana, and students of public universities, and in the Youth Council of the Municipality of Tirana.  The second one is concentrated in a intensive online platform to increase the number of persons that receive the information.
This project is being implemented according  to the grants given by CoDe Albania for young people supported from organizations.

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