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campus1OSCE to campus: Open lectures

The OSCE Presence in Albania, the European University of Tirana and UET Centre are cooperating in the organisation of a set of open lecturers about the work and mandate of the OSCE Presence in Albania. The open lectures offer an open platform to students, academics and other interested actors to discuss the role and work and future challenges of the OSCE as an international organisation with a particular focus in Albania.

winter‘I am a leader’ Winter University

The European University of Tirana in cooperation with the UET Centre and with the financial support of AMC, organized the ‘I am a leader’ Winter University, which brought together 43 outstanding high school students across the country. The participants were selected via a very competitive process and they represented young people with leadership potential and with experience in contributing for their local communities such as high schools, town and villages.

kopertinaUET Centre and UET: A research project on the formation of collective memory


UET Centre and UET have awarded Fabian Kati a research grant to conduct research on the formation of collective memory in Albania based on social anthropology and oral history methods. The aim of this pilot project is to create a methodologically organized audio visual database on oral accounts/ testimonies related to the historical events leading up to and following the Malsi e Madhe uprising.



 Strengthen the linkages between the universities and job provider institutions at central and local level.




Improve the theoretical and practical knowledge of master’s students on territory administration, agricultural policies, rural development and innovation as well as their negotiation and participative decision-making skills.



Develop a long term blended research network of EU and Albania researchers on these thematic.




UET Centre intends to contribute towards the progress and democratization of the Albanian society through policy-oriented research projects, capacity building and joint programmes.

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