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Meeting with the Petro Nini Luarasi energy group

On 15th October in the premises of “Petro Nini Luarasi” High School was held a meeting with the energy group, within the “EduFootprint” project. During the meeting were presented, among other things, new ways of transferring data with supervision suggested by other schools. Developing in this form the sharing of best proposals and experiences between schools. Also, it was discussed about new activities to increase the students' involvement in the project and to raise their sensitivity to reducing the carbon footprint in their schools.

Meeting with the Qemal Stafa energy group

On 12th October in the premises of “Qemal Stafa” High School ” was held a meeting with the energy group, within the “EduFootprint” project.  During this meeting was proposed a new way of transferring data with supervision, from school to school. Also it was discused about the activities that will be developed within this project to increase the involvement of high school students and their sensitization to reduce the carbon footprint in schools was the second item of discussion.

Partner Meeting

In the framework of the project "Edufootprint, School Low Carbon Footprint in Mediterranean Cities", on 25-26 September, at the premises of the European University of Tirana, was organized a meeting with all partner countries of the project. The aim of this meeting was the progress of the project, the improvement of all the benefits arising from joint collaboration and testing. All the partners shared their experience and challenges evidenced during the implementation of project activities.



 Strengthen the linkages between the universities and job provider institutions at central and local level.




Improve the theoretical and practical knowledge of master’s students on territory administration, agricultural policies, rural development and innovation as well as their negotiation and participative decision-making skills.



Develop a long term blended research network of EU and Albania researchers on these thematic.




UET Centre intends to contribute towards the progress and democratization of the Albanian society through policy-oriented research projects, capacity building and joint programmes.

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